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"Discovering Snusnook Saigon: Our Story and Mission"

  • I am someone who has a deep love for snus, having lived and worked in Stockholm where snus is an integral part of daily life. Upon returning to my homeland in Vietnam, I found myself missing the flavors and sensations of snus, yet unable to find it anywhere.
  • With no shops offering snus, I decided to take matters into my own hands. Driven by passion and determination, I co-founded Snusnook Saigon with friends—a platform aimed at bringing high-quality, diverse snus products from renowned brands worldwide to snus enthusiasts in Vietnam.
  • I believe Snusnook Saigon is more than just a shopping destination; it's a space for sharing a passion and culture around snus. It's been an incredible journey, from reminiscing about snus flavors in Stockholm to establishing and growing the brand in my homeland. Our mission is to provide everyone with the best snus experience possible and foster a community of snus aficionados here in Vietnam.
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